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Some Testimonials On Video Conferencing from
those who have attended Robert Corre's program

Robert's lessons have opened my eyes to the complexities, depth, nuances, and richness in chart interpretation that I hadn't seen before. I never have to miss a session since the recording is always available for listening. The technology is simple to use. I like the ability to stop the recording, think, catch every gem, and see it in the sample chart.

I appreciate the rigor of chart analysis as taught. Being an astrology enthusiast for more than 15 years, Robert's structured and organized approach to interpretation has yielded great results with my current clients. I feel more confident each time I analyze a chart. I trust Robert's instruction based on a lineage that goes back to the 1600's with Morin and his more recent revered teacher, Zoltan Mason.

Meg Ellis, Santa Fe, NM

It is not easy to find a good astrology teacher but with video conferencing technology, I was able to find the exact kind of course I wanted to study, and with an excellent teacher, too. The technology is easy to use, just a few steps and voila, you are in a class with students from all over the world. Additionally it is a wonderful benefit to have the choice of being online during class time, or if I want to study later, I can access the archived class whenever I want. Now with the upcoming ForumOnAstrology Conference, I will be able to further my studies , with many world class astrology teachers.

Signed, Jennifer from New York

I have attended a number of semesters of Robert Corre's ForumOnAstrology internet course on the astrology of Morin de Villefranche. I found the forums exciting, as the real-time energy of a classroom environment coupled with Corre's engaging and rigorous style, rendered the experience insightful for the advanced and patiently paced for the slower learners. His enthusiasm for astrology and faith in and demonstration of the possibilities of the electronic classroom make him a player in twenty-first century video education and conferencing.

David Nathanson Cambridge, Ma. July 23, 2010

One of the main advantages of taking Robert Corre's distance learning, online class is that students have the opportunity to participate in a live, demonstration lesson before committing to taking a course. Robert's instructions for the demonstration were clear and made it easy to use the Elluminate technology.

As a result, I ended up taking the course. I have found the technology to be stable with the possible exception of the microphone function. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't there is always the "instant messaging" feature as an alternative. There have only been two incidents over the past two years I've been taking Robert's classes where I encountered difficulty and had to call Elluminate support for assistance. The people there were very responsive and helpful and available 24/7. It turned out the problems encountered were with internet traffic volumes rather than with the technology. As long as the instructor's equipment is functioning properly, there should be little, if any problems with Elluminate.

As an adult learner and a working professional, I have had opportunities to participate in online instruction through another university as well as frequent webinars at work. I found Robert's online class to be far superior to the online offering through the university I attended. The video feature and ability to interact verbally with the use of a microphone, neither of which were available through my university online classes, makes Robert's classes superior and enriches the learning experience.

Although many companies now use various providers for webinars similar to Robert's astrology classes, not one of the many in which I have participated has used a video conferencing feature. Compared to professional webinars, Robert's classes are superior in their use of the video and interactive exchanges using a microphone or the "instant messaging" feature.

Finally, I truly appreciate the opportunity to review or view missed lessons in the archive. I feel this is an essential feature for classes of a technical nature such as these. The archive is truly a blessing. Overall, compared to other online learning experiences, whether they were academic or professional in nature, I have found the technology Robert uses to be superior.

Linda Evens July 25, 2010

Although at first I was unsure about the whole videoconferencing idea, it proved to be the best way yet to learn even an abstract science like Astrology. Audio was clear and the charts were easy to see and copy if I felt the need. Seeing the teacher gave a wonderful personal touch to the classes in contrast to an audio only seminar recording. In some ways it's superior to live education in that the videoconferencing class is archived and you can refer back to it as much as you like when your memory or poor note taking fails. I think it is a great value.

Tom Murphy, Denver, CO

I have taken several classes online with Robert Corre via video conferencing, and I was amazed at how interactive an experience it is. Just as in a regular classroom, you can raise your (cyber) hand and ask questions, see charts, and the instructor can draw on them just as if it was a whiteboard. It is a real and immediate experience, having a personal feel despite no one being in the same physical space.

I am not technologically astute, and it was very easy for me to get into the website and participate in the classes. In these Uranian times, I am convinced that conferences like this are the wave of the future.

Claudia Bader, NYC

I think on-line classes are the way to go. They have a huge advantage in terms of convenience. Usually if you want to hear a highly regarded speaker talk, you have to take your entire evening to go to where ever s/he's going to be - provided that person is coming to a venue near you. With on-line you merely need to turn on your computer in your own home (and go fix yourself some tea while the program loads). It's much more comfortable.

The interaction you can have with your instructor and camaraderie with your fellow students are just about as good as if you were all live and in person. It is also very helpful that I can review archived lessons - Although I have been studying Astrology for close to 20 years, I still find Robert Corre's lectures are very "rich" in new ideas and concepts that no one has ever explained to me before. Sometimes the it takes a second viewing before the understanding gels, so it is nice to be able to go back and review lessons.

One hint: get a microphone with a USB plug in. The "pin" type plug kind don't seem to carry the bandwidth and they can be frustrating. I didn't learn of this until late in the courses. Typing text messages to ask questions or respond to the teacher has worked fairly well. Overall I am quite satisfied.

For the cost savings and convenience, I would recommend the on-line format.

Doug Velez, Seattle, WA

Several years ago, while attending one of Robert's conferences, he suggested that I might be interested in his beginner's course on ForumOnAstrology (FOA). However, being then so new to the study of Astrology, I was somewhat reluctant to embark on what I foresaw as quite a formidable technological venture; I couldn't have been more wrong.

To begin with, Robert personally walked me through the steps of videoconferencing and, thereafter, I never had any problem with logging into classes. Indeed, they proved to be so interesting and exciting that I eagerly anticipated our weekly meetings and, within a short time, my notebooks were brimming with charts and case studies. The lessons were set out so clearly that I soon became a highly motivated student.

Being able to see the teacher live and to ask him questions is a wonderful plus; however, as I had to miss some of the live sessions due to my work commitments, I was still able to catch up by viewing the archives and never fell behind. Added to this, was my ability to overcome any further shyness by using the microphone facilities and communicating with Robert direct. I remember on one occasion, before we had realized that Robert had unavoidably cancelled a class, how pleasant and informative it was to be able to communicate online with my course peers.

Through Robert's method of teaching, Astrology became so much more accessible, and what had once appeared as a complex and confusing study I now view as an endlessly amazing craft. Added to his effective teaching skills, Robert's enthusiasm for his studies is wonderfully encouraging. I was almost sorry when I rose to graduate status and had to leave his classes. Not only did I learn so much from his teachings, I also learned how efficient online communications can be.

Jenifer Taylor, South Easton, MA

I have studied with Robert Corre on the internet for four years. He's in New York and I am in Chicago and it has been a wonderful experience. There is absolutely no problem with reception. I have a DSL connection. Robert is a wonderful teacher. The class can easily ask questions. I find typing the questions to be better than voicing them so that it is clear to everyone attending. Also I can tape the lessons and re-listen to them.

This is undoubtedly the wave of the future. Imagine a talented teacher like Robert Corre being able to extend his audience all over the country. You never have to leave your home to attend the class. The knowledge I have gained from him has been a revelation. The internet has improved so much that I feel that more and more college degrees will be issued from internet classes.

Josephine Imhoff, Chicago, IL

I participated in Robert Corre's Astrology classes on line through an internet format and was very pleased with the presentation. I was able from the comfort of my home to take a class presented in New York. This method was easy to use and allowed me to view the person giving the lecture and all the slides that were presented showing charts and information on the subject matter of the lecture. A tutorial was provided with instructions on how to use this classroom presentation. We were able to communicate with the instructor and ask questions.

The amazing part is the ability to view the lecture many times after the presentation through the archived files. This way if you missed anything you could clarify and be able to review the material. Since there are lectures that you were not able to view because you were not available at the time, you still could go back in the archives and view them at your leisure by signing into the website.

Donna Stonebrink, Goodyear, Arizona

Astrological learning has come of age in recent years through advances in internet technology. In 2004, as soon as I heard of Robert Corre's interactive astrology classes, I signed up and never looked back!

As a class we enjoyed excellent professional instruction with the ability to replay each class as often as needed over a period of months. As students, we formed a group email that developed lasting friendships that endure today, six years later. Several in my group have already been published and some have teamed up to research Primary Directions inspired by Robert's class in Primaries.

Primary Directions are considered by most to be somewhat abstruse but Robert, one of very few to teach this subject, laid a strong foundation for understanding them in his classes. In fact a very strong foundation in astrology was laid overall. We had newcomers to astrology and professionals in my class and as I read articles published by them I see the imprint of Robert's foundational method.

It's difficult for me to say which class I liked best as all were highly informative. I think the real appreciation comes with the synthesis of charts- Natal, Solar etc. Most students enter astrology class because synthesis of multiple factors is a stumbling block in their understanding of a chart. Once basic Natal synthesis is under their belts, one type of synthesis that was great fun is Differential Diagnosis. We were presented with three charts that were nearly identical but each person had vastly different lives and outcomes. Why? Robert showed how to apply all we had learned (without adding extra points) to ferret out the answers. These were Aha! moments making this class most enjoyable early on.

Robert teaches a world class education in traditional astrology and does so in the comfort of one's home. His classes are highly recommended.

Currently, Robert Corre is producing an online conference with world class speakers - where ALL the speakers can be heard by participants. Each presentation can be listened to twice, over a period of 2-3 months. This has been a dream of mine for years - to hear and see every speaker. Hooray! Thanks, Robert, for this comprehensive format.

For those who haven't enjoyed Robert's online classes or conferences, I urge you try it. Will you love it? I truly think so. For those who have signed up - see you there!

Pat Ranger, Chicago, IL
Graduate Student
Robert Corre's Forum on Astrology

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how much I've enjoyed attending class via videoconferencing. I think it is an outstanding tool that will only grow as more and more people begin to utilize it as a method to learn and study. It allows the student to see and hear the teacher as if they were in a typical classroom but the classroom is far from typical.

With video conferencing you are able to take class with people from all over the world. And just like "regular" classes you are able to form study groups with your classmates in between classes if you wish. I can't think of anything that is really sacrificed by learning through video conferencing. In fact, it is quite the opposite. You are able to ask questions if you have any and learn from your fellow classmates questions as well.

And one of the best features of learning by using this method, if you are unable to take the class the night of its live broadcast, you are able to go back and view the class later from the archive. This definitely has to be one of my favorite features of the video conferencing method. Whether I am able to attend the live class or not, I always take each class twice to make sure I understand all of the information.

That is a luxury you don't get by taking classes in the traditional classroom setting. Clearly Robert Corre understands how to utilize video conferencing as an excellent teaching tool and I couldn't recommend it more for anyone wishing to further their knowledge and understanding of astrology.

James Rowe, New York

I have been attending Robert Corre's classes for over a year now. I really enjoy the virtual classroom experience and the ability to attend class from the comfort of my own home. Being able to access recorded sessions in the archive is a great benefit. This feature allows me to go back anytime, at my convenience, and review all or part of a lesson. If I miss a live class, I can easily catch-up by viewing the session in the archive.

I have had one technical issue with accessing the site from my computer. When I called the Customer Help Line, I found them to be extremely responsive and helpful in finding a solution to the problem. My experience with this technology has been extremely positive.

Geri Bellino, Denver, CO

Robert Corre's 10 years of experience with his distance learning program made of him an expert in videoconferencing. It is a pleasure to be one of his students. One of the great advantages of videoconferencing is the easy accessibility of the given courses in the digital archive files. It gives the opportunity to follow every course and relistening permits you to have an in depth grasp of the content of the lessons.

Robert Corre has a great ability to use the digital teaching tools and to direct those who haven't. Therefore I have confidence in my ability to follow the digital conference he is organizing, even if I'm not a very talented e-tools user.

Valerie Bouckaert , Kortrijk, Belgium

I met Robert Corre years ago when I lived in New York City, and became acquainted with his approach to astrology. When I moved away from New York, I was interested in continuing my education in astrology, and especially in his approach.

The availability of distance learning through on-line instruction has facilitated that. Having taken an early correspondence course on Forum On Astrology, and then the later interactive version of the course, I also think that the evolution of the technology itself has improved the experience of distance learning through the internet. Live broadcasts have an interactive feel and it is possible to ask direct questions verbally if you observe the class live. The live broadcast technology also allows the instructor to treat the lessons slides like a whiteboard, highlighting various points and drawing connections during the class.

The classes are also archived for viewing later, which makes it possible to continue learning while having a busy life. You also don't lose the interactive feel if you watch the archives because you can see the instructor and hear him walk through his thought processes as well as answer other students questions during the class.

Louise Pilling, Tucson, AZ

I am currently taking Robert Corre's Forum on Astrology course that makes use of video conferencing technology. It has been a very reliable product and had no issues with the software.

Robert's class has been my first experience with videoconferencing and to date has proved to be a very positive way to receive training. I am enjoying the convenience of being able to experience high quality learning in the comfort of my home

I like the fact that I am able to see the instructor while he is teaching the class. It is also great having microphone availability to speak directly with the instructor in lieu of instant messaging.

Having access to the archives is a great resource. I have used it many times when I have missed a live class or when I want to go back and review a previous topic.

Judy Lundquist, Overland Park, KS

The interactive capabilities of the webcast format is a very valuable way to transmit the value of astrological material based on Morin and Mason's approach to interpretation. The real-time simultaneous audio-visual presentation provides a dimension to the program that increases its impact and aids in the transmission of concepts.

The ability to participate in two-way dialog via instant messaging or microphone and to also hear questions and comments from others brings an immediacy to the distance learning that I find especially helpful. Thank you for making this possible.

Gabriel M., West Orange, N.J.

I can't thank you enough for your online teaching of Astrology! Your course has added great depth to my understanding of interpreting charts and Astrological concepts. I have particularly enjoyed the format which accommodates many different styles of learning, auditory, visual, written word, and interactive.

What has been most outstanding is the access to deeper knowledge that not only is thought provoking, but also because of the course format, can be re-examined repeatedly through the Archive. The facility to return again and again to the material covered is invaluable and can only add greater depth as my understanding of Astrology evolves!

With Thanks and Gratitude!
Teresa Saragga, Cascais, Portugal

I took several astrology classes from Mr. Corre through internet video-conferencing. This was the first time I had experienced taking a class over the internet and I was amazed at how easy it was to log on at the appropriate class time and it felt just like I was in a classroom.

The students could communicate with each other and with Mr. Corre through instant messaging or through a headset if we wanted. We could hear and see Mr. Corre in real time and could ask questions. He would use slides as well as tools such as underlining or circling certain aspects of a chart to highlight what he was talking about, making it easy to learn from this forum.

The lessons were also archived so that we could go back at a later time and retrieve the lesson if needed. We were also able to contact the other students on a student forum if we so chose.

The few times that there were problems, the service provider was right there to solve the problem. This is a fabulous and reliable way to learn long distance. I would highly recommend the use of this technology. Robert Corre is a master with this forum and using this venue for an astrology conference will benefit many.

Sonya Miller-Kravetz, OH

The interactive capabilities of the webcast format is a very valuable way to transmit the value of astrological material based on Morin's and Mason's approach to interpretation. The real-time simultaneous audio-visual presentation provides a dimension to the program that increases its impact and aids in the transmission of concepts.

The ability to participate in two-way dialog via instant messaging or microphone and to also hear questions and comments from others brings an immediacy to the distance learning that I find especially helpful. Thank you for making this possible.

Gabriel M., West Orange, N.J.

I am a recent graduate of Mr. Corre's two-year Internet School of Astrology. The online format is not only convenient but also even better in some ways than conventional instruction. The archive of past lessons makes review easy and convenient.

The software is very straightforward to use with the classroom experience completely interactive and surprisingly intimate. I'm looking forward to the internet conference in October!

Christopher King, Long Beach, New York

Receiving astrological instruction via videoconferencing has certainly been very useful and enjoyable. Very useful for me because living in Europe it was not convenient, due to the time difference, to attend the live classes, so I had to follow them through the archive. But with the only exception that is not possible to ask a question, the rest it was like been in the live classes. And what I really value is the possibility to come back to the archive to review the classes.

I think this is a great method especially for people far away, because you can review the archive in your own time, and the broadcast is always there. Moreover in the video conference, the graphic material is very clear and the presentation very professional.

Cecilia N. León, Alicante, Spain

When I received the Forum on Astrology Conference promo, I knew this would be a great way to expand on the technology Robert uses for teaching. I took his class for four semesters and found the online set-up easy to use (and I am a MAC user - sometimes this can be a hitch!). It is user friendly and we encountered very few problems. And now, the prospect of a whole weekend with some of astrology's greatest minds without even leaving the house is amazing.

And, I know from Robert's classes that communication back and forth between the speaker/teacher and students is an integral part of the way this works. I have also done classes over the phone and enjoyed linking up with folks this way. However, the online format provides the added benefit of seeing the speaker, interacting through instant messaging and having available any visuals that are part of the talk. I'm looking forward to the conference.

Twink McKenney, Southbury, CT

Robert Corre's Forum on Astrology has allowed me to receive quality education about astrology on my own time schedule. When I was initially signing up for the ForumonAstrology classes, I told Robert I was very interested in the program, but already had a weekly engagement to play music with my band on Tuesday night when the live classes would air. Robert kindly reassured me that I could still participate fully in the course by means of the archive.

I was very happy to find out that I would be able to take the class even though I would not be able to regularly attend the classes live. The other members of my band did not have the flexibility to change the time we play music, so being able to access the lessons through the archive has worked very well for me. I was able to still play music with my friends and take the Forum on Astrology courses without conflict.

I love that I can access the archives whenever it is convenient for me to watch the classes. I have a busy life and it is necessary for me to have the flexibility to study whenever it works into my schedule. ForumonAstrology is a great resource for those of us who have busy lives and cannot always attend live classes. Accessing the archives is simple and you can do it whenever you have time.

Katie McConnell, Chico, CA

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