ForumOnAstrology presents
An Internet Conference
Three Days of Live Video Broadcasts
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2010

Registration Reopens

Now Attend Post-Conference from the Archives


Choose Option
Length of time for access to Archives
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Option 1:   249.00
THREE months archive access
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Option 2:   199.00*
TWO months archive access
* Share your ID and Password with a friend and the price is
as low as $1.66 to $2.49/per session/per person.

Question: How do I access the Archives?

Answer: It's easy. Go to the Home page. Click the tab, "View Archives". When prompted, enter your User ID and Password. That's it. Then simply scroll through the list of the sessions, and click on the "view archive" tab of the person's lecture you want to view.

Question: How many times may I view a session in the Sessions' Archives?

Answer: As you did not attend the live conference, you are entitled to listen to ALL conference lectures THREE TIMES.

That raises an interesting thought: Do you have any friends who would like to share the cost of the conference?

All lectures may be viewed THREE TIMES, and you are entitled to share your ID and Password with a friend. If shared between yourself and one or two other friends, that makes the cost as low as $1.66 to $2.49/ per lecture/per person.

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