Our Goals, Philosophy, and Heritage


Our goal and purpose


     The goal of our webcasts is to provide live, interactive, and regular weekly instruction to those people who do not have access to classroom instruction.

     The purpose of our astrological instruction is to inculcate proper work habits and process based on the methods of Morin de Villerfranche and the late Zoltan Mason of New York as a necessary basis for a more assured interpretation of the natal horoscope.

     Morin's tradition (as taught to me by Zoltan Mason) gives students a clearly defined set of rules - free of excessive and arcane terminology - that allows its practitioners to think as astrologers. His approach provides a coherent explanation to human destiny based on the stars that is free of superstition and fatalism.

     Our program neither teaches the mechanics of horoscope erection nor do we recount a history of Astrology. We leave these matters to other individuals or organizations that already do a fine job teaching these subject areas.

     Lastly, we do not seek to defend or prove the validity of Astrology. Again, we leave this for others to pursue. We know this perennial tradition as an art, as a discipline, as a way of life. There is nothing to defend or prove. Our purpose is to instruct those who have a sincere interest in this enduring tradition.

Robert Corre, Instructor

     Hello… And welcome to ForumOnAstrology's introduction to astrological training over the internet... I would like to take this opportunity to explain how easy and convenient it is to learn online. 

What is Web Casting or Broadcasting on the Internet?


     The Internet's worldwide availability makes it possible to transmit and to receive real-time video and audio content everywhere.

     With no additional hardware or software to your PC, we deliver a live interactive learning and collaborative environment over the Internet. Once in our virtual classroom, you actively interact with the instructor in real-time by participating in class instruction.

     Our unique leading-edge program delivers lectures from the instructor's office using a camera, microphone and internet-connected computer. From there the class is transmitted to one of many servers located throughout  the Internet. These servers use web connections that can  deliver instruction  to you in a variety of physical locals. You may attend classes from your home or from your office space. All connections are bi-directional which means you may always interact with the lecturer.

Our Environment now supports teacher AND student webcams

     We are very excited to let you know that we now have the ability to support your web cam should you have one. This means that now besides having the ability to see the instructor, he will be able to see you should you elect to turn on your web cam.

     This enhanced environment represents the achievement of a goal that we set for ourselves when we started our Internet program in 2004. The ability of you to not only see us but for us to see you creates the most realistic backdrop for learning outside of attending a live classroom situation.

Our Educational Program and its Goal

     The goal of our educational program is to inculcate in students  work habits and a methodology to answer two questions asked by every person of  an astrologer.   

"What may I expect during this lifetime and When may I expect it?"

     Our program teaches you the skills to answer these two questions. To  be able to do so, you must be able to see the chart as an integrated whole.

Our Heritage - Contributions of J.B. and Morin and Zoltan Mason


     The tradition that forms the basis of viewing a horoscope as a whole living entity was developed and systematized by  the brilliant 17th century French astrologer  Morin de Villefranche.

    This method of  horoscope interpretation, that is viewing the chart as a whole living unit, was superbly  practiced, successfully taught, and brilliantly enlarged upon most recently by  the late Zoltan Mason of New York  for over sixty years. 

     And that is our goal at ForumOnAstrology. We teach,  live, online, and interactively over the Internet Morin's approach to the art of interpretation. We teach the technique and perhaps more importantly the development of good work habits that are  such a vital complement to that technique... and without which the student will never acquire the most important skill needed to seeing the chart as a living whole…  horoscope synthesis. 

The Art of Interpretation: Requirements for successful practice


     To interpret, we must be able to synthesize, that is all of our observations or inferences about a particular chart must flash together  as a single image in an instant. The only way to accomplish this goal of horoscope synthesis is the develop the skills that lead to good habits and process, skills that form the basis of our training program. 

     If you want to be able to synthesize your most important task is to turn astrology from an intellectual study  into one based on instinct. The means to accomplish this task of turning astrology into an instinct is to become a disciplined observer who can recall experiences accurately and then speculate on those observations. But this speculation is not blind guessing but conjecture based on your past life experience.  

     The purpose of this very deliberate 3-step  activity is to facilitate gaining a sense... an instinct for the signs and the planets. It may sound somewhat odd, but at first... you should not  read books. Doing so puts another person between yourself and your experience. Instead, your initial understanding and feeling for signs and planets should be derived from your own life experience based on a  minimal amount of astrological knowledge. 

    The purpose of  observation, recollection, and conjecture lies in gaining such a feeling. Your initial impressions of the planets and signs should be based on your feelings, your thoughts, your emotions, and not on those of other people.  

     Later on you can read what those folks have had to say about signs and planets,  but again, your initial impressions should be based on your experiences. To complement your practice of observation, recollection, and conjecture. we introduce during  early class sessions simple  exercises  to help you gain this instinctual feel for the planets and signs. Again,  the GOAL of these activities is to help you gain a sense of what to expect from a sign or a planet. Astrology must become an instinct.

     Our program assumes no knowledge of Morin on your part. This insures that as we unfold his tradition, it will not appear obscure be misunderstood or taken out of context. Naturally we discuss the basic components of a chart -  signs, planets, and houses,  but we also discuss in-depth  their inter-relationship that is so vital and crucial to correct chart interpretation. Yet as we've already indicated it must never be forgotten that the complement to this material is developing good work habits and process for without these astrology remains an intellectually stimulating but lifeless activity. This means, astrological instruction must teach you how to combine all the considerations in a chart in such a way that it creates a meaningful image for you where meaningful means, that it must make sense to you.

     Interpretation starts with a very structured analysis of the chart.  With increasing experience we advance from analysis to synthesis by being able to combine ever more quickly ever larger blocks of information.  The accomplishment of this skill forms the foundation upon which horoscope synthesis rests.  Synthesis is a talent that ripens with maturing skills and regular practice. It is an incremental process.  After we know what to expect for a person from their chart, we would then like to speculate on when those events may come about. We would like to foresee. We would like to know the timing of the life events.

A common misunderstanding about Forecasting Techniques

     There is a lot of misunderstanding about astrological prediction. The ability to predict is an acquired art that begins with a good understanding of the natal chart.

     Prediction is based on the natal chart. The question of WHAT to expect, that is, WHAT is possible for the person is seen in the natal. What is not seen in the natal will not occur during the lifetime. Forecasting techniques answer only the question of WHEN to expect events, that is, forecasting techniques deal only with the issue of TIMING.

     With foreknowledge events may be anticipated and with discipline many events may be avoided or if desired realized. What we can avoid or what we may bring about depends to a large degree on how much of a free will we have and how much a particular event is under our direct control. For those things over which we can exercise control, there is more of a possibility to bring about the desired result and less so when those things are not.

What is Astrology and How should it be viewed?

     Astrology is the study of motivation and drive.  We want to know what attracts the person.. and what pushes the person as well as how strongly are they attracted and how strongly are they pushed..  As the old adage states, "The stars impel, they do not compel".  Insight and foreknowledge coupled with training make us appreciate this.

     The aim of our program is to make you grasp this point...  for upon this understanding  your expectations and life events as well as your realizations are based. A human being has a free will and Astrology provides a framework in which the human will can operate. Astrology is an adjunct to assist your judgment when exercising your choice.

     In the end, you must exercise your faculty of choice or else by default, life will choose for you. To repeat, Astrology gives you the possibility to guide you in those choices by providing insight and foreknowledge.

     In the final analysis, answering the question,  "What may a person expect during this lifetime and to some extent when", is based on an understanding of what prompts the person to act. Our goal is to train you to answer these two questions based on the ability to see the chart as a whole integrated unit.

     We invite you to contact us for further information about attending our next live, and interactive class over the Internet.  

Email us at sohobob@aol.com or call (212) 929-4507.