Morin de Villefranche

Jean-Baptiste Morin de Villefranche
Astrologer, Physician, & Mathematician

The 17th century Frenchman, Jean Baptiste Morin de Villefranche, is not well known in the United States. He was a physician and a mathematician, and taught both on a university level. "As an astrologer, he was of such repute, that for twenty years, he was in the exclusive service of Cardinal Richelieu, the architect of France's most illustrious period".

Morin's unique legacy to practitioners of western astrology is a rational method for horoscope interpretation. His simple and elegant approach teaches how to synthesize a chart, that is to see the horoscope as a unit. This priceless gift of Morin's genius has been passed on to posterity in his voluminous work entitled Astrologia Gallica  (Paris - 1661).

Slowly, over the past twenty-five years, through the efforts of a few dedicated individuals, some of the 26 books that comprise the voluminous work of this savant have been translated from the Latin and have become available to English speakers.

Additional Material

      A biography on Morin de Villefrance by James H. Holden

      On the life of on Morin de Villefrance by Dr. Carlos Raitzin (Translated by Anthony Louis

      Morin de Villefrance's Curriculum Vitae compiled by Albert Van Helden

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