On Morin, his Astrologia Gallica, and Summaries of rules from his writings


Astrologia Gallica or " French Astrology" is Jean-Baptiste Morin's masterpiece. Composed over a thirty year period, this massive work written in Latin is a folio volume of xxxvi + 784 pages, with 39 tables and 80 example horoscopes. It was written as a defense of Astrology at a time during the early to mid-seventeenth century when modern science was separating itself from the ideas and values of antiquity and the middle ages, when modern science was actively divorcing itself from philosophy.

Of the folio volume's 26 books, ten have been translated into modern languages. It is indeed an unfortunate irony that one of the most meaningful approaches to Astrology has remained for the most part unknown to almost everyone who has a serious interest in the topic.

The book that has the most immediate value for the practitioner is the twenty-first book, The Morinus System of Horoscope Interpretation, which deals with horoscope delineation. Of especial interest for the advanced practitioner is the twenty-second, twenty-third, and twenty-fourth books that deal with the subject of forecasting, that is respectively Primary Directions, Solar and Lunar Returns, and Transits.

These and other newly translated volumes from the Latin into English are available from the  American Federation of Astrologers (AFA). They are the fruit of James Holden's tireless dedication (the AFA's Research Director) to bring to the serious student of astrology the writings of a peerless genius. It is indeed a great fortune that we now have available in English the works of an astrological savant who was, until recently, basically unknown to the English speaking public. It is our hope that more of Morin's books from the   Astrologia Gallica  will be translated in the near future.

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