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October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2010
Meira Epstein
Meira B. Epstein, C.A., NCGR-PAA, is a professional astrologer, a teacher on the New York NCGR faculty, a speaker at national and international conferences and a member of the NCGR PEP program. She teaches astrology on all levels, with specialties in Astronomy-for-Astrologers, Chart Calculations, Hellenistic & Medieval Techniques and the Uranian System.

Her books included the translations of the astrological texts of Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra from Hebrew, as well as many articles published in the US, England and Holland.

Her previous extended and parallel career was in computer systems programming and teaching ESL. Meira also provides audio-visual online classes, and her lectures are available from


  • Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise - a Lifetime Forecast
    Learn classical ancient techniques which reveal how the placement of a planet in the wheel determines the age of manifestation and fulfillment in life.

    These are long-range timing methods that are based on the sequence of the Houses, the Mundane Quadrants and the Solar Phases, and whose principles reflect the Cycle of the Day, the Cycle of the Years and the Zodiacal Solar Cycle.

    Together they can be dubbed as the best kept secret in astrology, as they have been completely forgotten in modern time. Yet, they are found in most classical texts, from the Hellenistic era of Ptolemy and Paulus Alexandrinus, through the Arabic astrologers, all the way to Medieval Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra, Guido Bonatti and William Lilly.

    Unlike modern systems that require ephemeris tables, these are built-in in the natal chart. They are immediately visible and available to the observer - no calculations necessary. Thus, they are cost-effective, easy to apply and concrete in manifestation. Most importantly, these enable the practitioner to provide a better perspective on life, long-range forecast and best of all, the age when chart potentials will come to fruition.

    As these cycles unfold they release the symbolism and the energy stored in the houses and reveal the true Personal Evolution over Lifetime. And when their timing coincides, amazing things happen.