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October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2010
Jerry Brignone
Jerry Brignone is Secretary and Director of the worldwide-noted Buenos Aires Astrological Center Foundation (CABA, created in Argentina in 1961), where he started teaching in 1988. He holds a bachelor's degree in Linguistics from the Buenos Aires University (UBA), where he also teaches. Author of Astrological Synthesis Techniques: The Path in the Natal Chart, he has participated in Astrology encounters in USA, Spain, India, Brazil and Argentina, radio and TV programs and astrological publications.

He teaches Modern Greek at Buenos Aires University (UBA), where and is now acting as Director of the Free Chair of Greek, Byzantine and Neohellenic Studies. He also co-directs an Association named Caryatid ( CARIATIDE ), which during thirty two years has kept divulging ancient and contemporary Greek culture in Argentina.


  • Pluto's transit in Capricorn in our natal chart
    We usually consider the slow planet's transits from a global and social perspective, but we rarely deepen its consequences in each natal chart's individual destiny, except analyzing the house it crosses and its aspects.

    But the whole time that elapses during the passing of a trans-saturnine through a particular sign has important sequels, considering certain concurrent factors. This is, not only the particular symbolism in this case of Pluto and Capricorn conjoined, but also the situation in the Natal Chart of Pluto, the signs and houses (sic) it rules, Saturn's sign and house position, and the set of natal aspects that Pluto will make during its pass, independently of when they may happen.

    We will illustrate the theoretical basis of these affirmations by giving examples of renowned historical persons who lived under this strong transit.