ForumOnAstrology presents
An Internet Conference
Three Days of Live Video Broadcasts
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2010
About Us

Videoconferencing over the Internet is a stable and mature technology that can deliver economically, educational content to large audiences.

Since October 2004, ForumOnAstrology has been using this approach to deliver live weekly video broadcasts of its two year program based on a traditional approach to astrology.

This live video conference represents an outgrowth, culmination, and extension of ForumOnAstrology's six years and 2000+ hours of experience and efforts with videoconferencing technology.

Using this methodology, we have taught an average of six to nine hours a week to a total of 10 groups of students enrolled in our two year program and to two groups in our graduate program.

How ForumOnAstrology's uses the technology

During our live broadcasts a student sees a video image of the instructor and may communicate with him during a session via an instant message facility, or if they have a headset, they may ask a question directly. Students are also prompted by the instructor from time to time during the lesson to respond to multiple choice or simple "yes-no" questions to insure their understanding of the content at that point in the instruction.

Each lesson IS ARCHIVED after its initial broadcast and can be replayed by the student. This means that they have the ability to view a previously broadcast lesson or to play the session should they have missed the live broadcast. This insures continuity in learning.

This ability represents the achievement of a goal that we set for ourselves when we started the Internet program six years ago. We have created the most realistic learning environment for learning outside of attending a live classroom situation.

Acadmic Background

After a rewarding twenty-five year career at New York University's Stern School of Business, I retired as Director of Computing in 1995 and turned Astrology into a second career.

During my university years, I had occasion to test many new technologies. One such opportunity arose in 1993 as a joint experiment NYU held with several other Business Schools including MIT, Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and others to explore the practicality of videoconferencing on the then newly emerging Internet.

We realized immediately the tremendous potential this technology held as a way to extend educational efforts. We also concluded at that point in time that the associated costs of the technology - even within an academic environment - were prohibitive let alone something that could be deployed practically by individuals. Seventeen years later, the landscape has changed completely.

What we bring to you, the conference participant

This is our history with the technology and the experience we bring to you, the conference attendee: An opportunity to participate in an economically priced and educationally rich experience from some of the most talented practitioners and teachers of astrology in their respective fields of expertise via videoconferencing.

And as in our two year program, each conference broadcast IS ARCHIVED after its initial broadcast and is available for immediate replay or for up to three months after the conference ends. This means you have the ability to view a previously broadcasted lecture or to play a lecture should you have missed the live broadcast.

I hope you will join us by participating in this novel and pioneering way to experience educational content delivered to the astrological community by some of the best of minds in the field today.

Robert Corre,
Conference Producer
 © 2010 Robert Corre and